One of Dubai’s prime tourist’s attraction point is City Walk, magnificently designed outdoor shopping region having everything- from international clothing labels, fine dine restaurants, cafes to amusement outlets, fun spots for the entire family.  There are numerous reasons why we are in absolute fascination with this amazing place and what makes it one of the finest things in Dubai. 

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Fashion Unlimited

It’s one of the maiden outdoor shopping facility in Dubai having huge variant of local and international brand outlets in the Heart of Dubai. Whether it’s casual, jumpy, glossy, or official your desired sense of styling to reflect smartness can be easily found in City Walk.

Booze & Dine

The city’s community has been renowned among tourists, occupants, and daily voyagers for its amazing dine offerings. City Walk is replete with world-famous cuisines in baroque and classy restaurants. Be ready for choosing up from a massive selection of restaurants, cafés, bistros, and sometimes food vouching for deals also.


Apart from satisfying your taste buds, City Walk is also equipped by latest amusement hubs like Hub zero, astonishing gaming arena having ample choice of game and activities for kids to flourish their skills with latest learning techniques and fun to educational experience for visitors of every age group. You will also witness roadside amusement or public displays using features, like water, light, large monitors, or parades and street players that engage with the troop, especially during the festive seasons such as Eid and Christmas. 

Art and Crafts

In major, City Walk has been considered as replica of art because of its modern-tech yet dynamic architecture. But the attraction point is public artwork of the region that’s distinct from anything else in the city. Acclaimed artists from every part of the globe visit there and craft enchanting masterpieces in forms of sculptures, wall murals, models and vivid artworks that can visualized in every part of the city.

Upcoming Developments

Newly arriving Dubai Arena will also be the habitant of City Walk. This major indoor arena will be the host for forthcoming global occasions, performances, and games even Expo 2020.

City Walk 9

Last but not least, those looking to invest in property market & like to recall this stylish townhome, City Walk introduces an incredibly stylish locale of City Walk 9.  A low-rise facility offering fully upscale one, two, three, four-bedroom apartments, and duplexes equipped by modern fixtures, elegant sights and chic facilities like state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool, and many more to count on.

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