Are you looking for new ways to beat the boredom heat to all the party animals and bingers out there? Do the same old house parties bore you? Or do you want to party ‘on the go’ after surviving the trying times of quarantine? 

Lately, bus parties have become popular, and millennials can’t have enough of it. Now people prefer bus parties over caravan drives and camping because of the sheer group fun, affordability, amenities, feeling of personal space and novelty of partying on wheels. 

So if you, too, are planning for such a weekend getaway, you must know the rules to stand by for hiring a party bus. But, don’t worry; we have got your back!

Do’s of Hiring a Party Bus –

(1) All your party setup depends on the kind of vehicle you take for your party, be it a bus or a limo. So you must check the fleet to know whether they have what you need. Rental services offer a wide range of vehicles, such as standard limo, sprinter vans, to a motor coach or charter bus, and you can choose any according to your plans.

(2) You need to seek a chance to check the vehicle in and out before you hire it. Since your perfect party depends on you and your guests enjoying all the amenities and facilities you are promised. Hence, check that essentials such as air conditioner, windows, audio speakers, lighting, and more are correctly working.

(3) It is noteworthy to check the legal background of the service provider, such as vehicle insurance, driving license, license to operate the business and transport people on a hiring basis. It will assure you of not putting your faith and money in the wrong hands. 

(4) What other way is there to assess rental services than going through previous feedback? By doing this, you will have a decent idea of their amenities, and there will not be any last moment shocker for you and your guests.

(5) Choose a vehicle as per the needs of your guest. For example, a family gathering needs different amenities than a group of youngsters like restrooms, adequately distanced and stretched out spacing, recliner seats and more. Thus, choose the vehicle as per the age group of your guest list.

(6) Choose a vehicle that fits your guest list well. Inviting too many people onboard can be problematic and daunting if you have hired a smaller vehicle. Thus, make sure that you compile your guest list before bus hire in Dubai

Don’ts for Hiring a Party Bus –

(1) Do not book your vehicle at the last moment. End moment planning often leads to party-pooping. Therefore make reservations with the rental services at least a week before your D day so that you hire the vehicle you want, at a fair price on better terms. When hosting a bus party, it is always better to make your booking in advance than miss out on getting one. 

(2) Even when you are all loaded with organising, be attentive to the terms and conditions you agree to, with your rental service provider. Each service has a different policy to follow depending on the duration of the vehicle rented, extra charge for delay in returning the vehicle and travelling an extra mile. Hence, a meeting of minds regarding such terms and conditions is essential for you to have a comfortable agreement.

(3) No drunk driving! Although alcohol is one of the party essentials for party-goers, it is vital to bear in mind the safety and security of your guests and you, therefore serve and consume alcohol consciously. How enjoyable, hassle-free and unnecessary fights and arguments free your party depends on the sobriety of the group travelling.

(4) Do not damage the vehicle and refrain from misbehaving with chaperones. It expresses poor conduct and lack of civic sense at your end, which is embarrassing for you and your fellow guests. Also, do keep the carrier as clean as you can so that you establish a sincere relationship with your fellow passengers and the hiring company.

(5) Do not indulge in activities the vehicle provider prohibits, such as smoking or climbing on the upholstered seats. Such indecency can even cost you legal consequences, hence do not forget your responsibilities in the contract.

Thereupon, if you want to avoid any party-spoiling and build a joyous memory for your guests and you, do not forget about your part of smart work in hosting a bus party. Just remember these tricks, and you will surely be able to throw one gala time for your family, friends or colleagues.