With outings becoming popular again after the COVID scenario drowning down, bus rental companies in Dubai have faced a massive hike in revenue. But, in fact, it’s not just Dubai; people are traveling in groups with proper safety precautions for several reasons: one, they are seeing each other after so long since the initiation of lockdown period due to epidemic; two, traveling in groups is always cheaper per head! Whether it is a vacation, wedding, get-to-gathers, or any other meetings where groups are involved, touring and commuting become one of the major concerns. However, with several budget-friendly yet luxurious options, you may opt from multiple alternatives depending upon the requirements and necessary according to the number of travelers. Hiring a minibus or a coach is the most preferred choice.

What Is the Distinction Between a Mini Bus and a Coach?

A minibus usually holds from 10 people up to 25 passengers or higher, including some bus rental companies in Dubai offering the seating capacity to be between 26 to 35 customers. You’ll discover many bus rental companies representing and defining mini buses differently, but the most significant number of them fall within these varieties.

Before we move any further, let’s brief you about the history of the two vehicles!


Stringently articulating, a coach is a particular kind of bus. Both of these are sizeable engine-operated motor vehicles that hold a capacity to accommodate a considerable number of people to their target via the road. Nevertheless, coaches have differed from the regular transit bus and are presently classified as a separate mode of transportation. The name ‘coach’ was assigned because of the vehicle’s practical resemblances to the horse-drawn buggies or ‘stagecoaches’ of the history. 

Besides, subsets of the coach have emerged and varied in huge ranges and numbers. For instance, the ‘mini-coach is comparable in appearance, capacity, and characteristics to the conventional coach but emphasizes a more condensed design.

With coaches having similarities with the traditional carriages, they are often preferred as a mode of luxurious transport. However, it is not the only way to make a decision. It is incredibly essential to note the functions and consider the different aspects of both these vehicles before approaching a minibus rental in Dubai service to choose between buses and coaches.



These vehicles are those which typically follow the below-mentioned traits:

However, even if they are kind of small minibusses, coaches can offer several distinct and unique features that only coaches can offer. Let’s look into them: 


We are still on the same question now, which one to rent among these. While companies like Millennium will help you decide, you will have to take the final call.

Which one to rent?

If you are a moderately small association of people, hiring a minibus is affordable than leasing a coach. Games outings, marriages, bachelorette functions, and business affairs are often ideal for a minibus, particularly when traveling short lengths, say 150 miles for a day trip. Bus organizations base rental rates on rental hours and bus capacity according to the number of passengers the bus handles. Some businesses also have charter hours at least for weekdays and varying at least for the weekends. The variation in rental prices within a minibus and a coach can combine up to some hundred dollars, hence, obtaining a minibus a more pocket-friendly option.

Here are a few more enticing characteristics of the minibus.

Bus Amenities

As far as facilities, most extravagance minibusses allow the same features as a coach, except coaches typically include a bathroom, and several minibusses do not. Conveniences diversify based on vicinity but often involve:

• High rear reclining seats
• TV
• Heat/AC
• Baggage storage
• PA system
• Cassette/CD

Where can I rent buses or coaches?

You may need to hire a vehicle at the airport, city, or near you’re visiting in Outing. For incredible chances on a broad range of minibusses, use Millennium’s exploration to begin your travel times and precise pick-up and drop-off neighborhoods to adjust with your trip.