While you are on a trip around Dubai, UAE, you would require the best transport services for yourself. Be it a requirement of a minibus rental service in Dubai, a luxury rental bus, or a bus hire service, we are here to aid your journey! We are among the best passenger transport companies in Dubai. Going to City Walk or taking a tour of the city to better identify with the culture, a Dubai Bus tour is a must. We have a variety of bus rental services available starting from 15-seater buses up to 53 seaters. The types of available bus services are enlisted below:

1.Toyota Hiace:

This 15-seater minibus is spacious enough for your cozy drive away to various cities. It offers a perfect bus for small trips and city tours for a day or two. This one from Toyota is among the most preferred passenger transport medium.

2. Toyota Coaster:

We ensure the comfort of passengers with the single-decker minibus which offers a seating capacity of 22-24 passengers. The bus is equipped with the most comfortable seats and sets perfect for the intracity rides, event rides, or city tours. We offer the most economical services for this perfect ride. You can use our Bus rental services in Dubai where we offer Toyota Coaster and Toyota Hiace for all-purpose.

3. Luxury Coaches:

These buses include luxurious and the most relaxed space for the passengers accommodating from 35 passengers up to 53 passengers. It suits the best for events or trips involving larger number of people and groups. You can get all the help for booking the most economical luxury coaches here.

Rest assured that you are choosing the most economical and the best passenger transport company in Dubai for your ride. We have a varied range of buses suiting all your needs when it is more people. However, for lesser passengers, we also offer car rental services in Dubai. Visit and choose the best for yourself this time.