The collaboration of technology and mobility is now much visible. Hybrid cars has introduced the auto industry with extremely capable artificial intelligence (AI) bringing new awesome possibilities to flourish, new movements to familiarize. So if you are getting interested to gear up for the future of transportation, then have a look on some of emerging trends:

1.MaaS (Mobility as a Service)

It’s been approximated that population migration to urbane will increase by 68%. The massive influence of newcomers need increased safety and to minimize congestion on a  huge scale. Mobility as a service (MaaS) will be fruitful as it aims to fulfill the requirement of mobility solutions from both public and private organizations, just like what Google Maps do while offering you range of transportation methods from destination A to B. The same functionality is used in MaaS, except organizations working close to cities for providing several mobility options that’s affordable, accessible, and on-time for a user.

2. Automatic Vehicles

The concept of self-driven cars have been fantasy in childhood days. However there’s no requirement to be reserved for make-believe. Tech giants like Tesla, Google, Uber, and General Motors (GM) have planned to invest huge amount of money (billion dollars approx.) to hone the concept of self-driven cars, and some of them have already started the trials in market. Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group headquarters are in the process of getting a few self-driving SUVs for short trips across the city for gathering data about the road and traffic conditions. Whereas General Motor’s autonomous car division, Cruise, is attracting number of investors, like Honda and Japan’s Softbank, for launching a couple of Chevy Bolts in California and put them for commercial use by 2020.

3. Microtransit

This works like personalized buses for the public by accompanying mobility to under-serviced areas through technology. The process starts by dispatching minibus for people requesting rides. The riders find vehicles at pre-defined pick up point, usually in a decided geofence, and then it set-off. As demand response transportation (DRT), microtransit utilize brilliant systems for viability & efficiency. 

4. Hybrid Vehicles

The concept of electric cars has been a craze from inception. Now different car companies are in pursuit of launching their versions, although hybrid vehicles is more than just cars. Likewise other version of electric vehicles like buses, vans and trains are on-arrival soon.

Global environment concerns require more attention for restricting auto emissions and increase sustainability. Proterra, a bus manufacturer in North America, provide electric bus models for urban cities to gain zero emissions, high fuel performance, and comfy experience. Several nations have been advancing towards development of electric train systems for maintaining the current railways with higher efficiency. Maglev train in Japan use electrically charged magnets for creating a hover-like connection which is expected to go public in 2027.

Other Mentionable Trends

Some other mobility trends helpful for solving user issues are TNC accessibility programs offering pre-decided mobility services to users in a every possible locations just like Uber and Lyft do. Another option is providing services for short trips with bicycle or scooter programs, like Jump or Byrd.

The public transportation landscape is continuously evolving. And with it, we too. Millennium Rent A Car is a team of dedicated experts have a ideology to cope-up with latest trends and carry out mobility solutions for providing value to our riders.