Our track record of providing professional bus rental services in Dubai goes hand in hand to ensure safety while minors are aboard. We understand that traveling with students is not an easy task, but we make every effort to cater to the complexities while we have kids on board. Planning on a Dubai bus tour, we are willing to help. We are well aware of the permits and requirements needed for such journeys. We understand that field trips are a learning experience outside the classroom. We have prepared this list when you are on the lookout for bus rental services in Dubai.

  • Choosing a bus: Depending on whether you plan on going for a short field trip or an overnight haul for an excursion, you might want to know what kind of bus best suits your needs.
  • Documents and verification: We are well versed with the norms and consent required for transporting students. We are experts especially when we travel across city limits.
  • Booking rates: As school/college trips are pre-planned we encourage you to make early payments to ensure you book our services at lowered rates.
  • Plan on accommodation: Make sure the hotel/hostel you intend to stay at accommodates minors. You donโ€™t want to reach the destination and later be turned away.
  • Communication: You must always have access to bus operators. Important records, notifications, and changes in the plan must be conveyed to parents via a chat group.

One has to also check the driver certification required when you have students traveling. Inform the bus operator that you will need a certified driver for a Dubai bus tour.