If you are in a large group or group of families planning to go out together to a distant place, then you might think of many options to support the traveling. You might think of trains or by air; however, in this case, the group might not be able to travel together, defeating the whole purpose of a group trip. This is where Charter buses come in. Many bus rental services in Dubai can help you with it. Here is a small guide on the same.

(1) Charter Buses 

Charter buses are like usual buses, but the difference is that a group can get an entire bus reserved for their journey instead of them taking a usual bus en route. A charter bus will drive you to your destination without much stopping, saving a lot of time. Charter buses are very comfortable and ensure a stress-free journey with all the amenities provided in them. 

(2) Charter bus or Minibus?

As you might know, there is another type of rental bus service available; minibusses. A minibus is mainly like a chartered bus, but not suitable for a long journey with a lot of people. To layout the fundamental differences,

  • A charter bus has a capacity of 47 to 56 passengers; meanwhile, a minibus can only carry up to 18 to 25 people.
  • A minibus lacks the amenities of luggage space and restrooms, which a charter bus has. 
  • Overall, a charter bus is more comfortable than a minibus and may be taken for longer journeys. 

(3) Amenities In A Charter Bus 

The amenities of a charter bus can be very different depending upon which model of the bus you rent for your trip. More or less, almost all the charter buses have the given amenities-

  • Comfortable Cushioned Seats
  • TV Monitors
  • DVD Players 
  • Compact Washroom 
  • Air Conditioning 

You can also contact your local bus rental in Dubai to know more about the amenities their buses can provide.

FAQs About Charter Buses –

Don’t worry; we all have questions before booking our first charter bus. Here are the responses to some of the questions that you might have in your mind. 

(a) Charging and Wifi 

As you may know, most modern charter buses have wireless internet and phone charging facilities. But you will have to confirm with your service provider because some of the old models do not have this facility. 

(b) Food & Drinks 

Most of the services allow the passengers to carry their food and drinks on the bus. But you have to be careful with it. Sometimes the service provider can charge extra if the food has been littered on the bus or gets too dirty. 

(c) Pets on The Bus 

Unfortunately, very few providers allow pets on the bus for valid reasons. The pets can create a nuisance and cause damage to the bus, or at times, some people are allergic to some animals, which can be troublesome. 

(d) Driver 

The service providers provide you with excellent, experienced drivers who follow all the guidelines for the safety of your family or group. In addition, the drivers are trained and stick by their laws, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

(e) Beds 

Most charter buses do not have beds, but they have reclining seats for your comfort during a journey. Though some of the buses have beds, the passenger capacity decreases because of the same reason. 

(f) Storage

Charter buses have substantial storage spaces for you to keep your luggage and the ones you carry on the bus, just like aircraft!

So you see, there are many useful reasons for booking a charter bus if you are planning a long journey with many people, and how the journey can be worth it. 

Talk to your local bus rental service provider for more details on the same!