There are no two ways about it. All eyes and ears have to be on the road whilst driving your car, but when it comes to driving a car rental, we have to tune up our vigilance on the road. While that is actually advisable, sometimes driving in an unfamiliar place or terrain can seem more of a job than a pleasure in a rented car. You’re always worrying about possible damages and penalty, and just can’t enjoy the road.

Driving a rented vehicle doesn’t have to be all hard work and no play. If you take care of the little stuff in ensuring safety on road, you’ll find that driving a car rental is just as much fun as driving your own car.

The first step is avoiding unnecessary distractions. Practices like constantly changing the music or reading the map must be avoided. Use GPS maps with voice instructions enabled so you don’t have to worry about directions. You can even stop the vehicle and ask for directions from pedestrians. As far as music goes, the road is much more appealing than music.

Always wear seat belts, even if the distance is short. Wearing a seat belt automatically reduces the stress of a driver, and helps you to appreciate other things on the road.

Never try to take an unfamiliar short cut, especially while driving a car rental.

Always follow the traffic rules of a place. Never try to be something you are not by pulling off unnecessary and dangerous stunts. Try to respect the culture of a place.

Be wary of hitchhikers. Take them onboard only if the dropping point lies somewhere on your roadmap. Do not take one on if they ask you to take some place which doesn’t fall on your path. If you do take one onboard however, frisk them first for any possible weapons. Do not be lenient with women.

Keep your identity cards with you, along with the contact of people who you are living with handy.

Your safety is strictly in your hands. Do not sit back and rely on somebody else to do later what you should have done yourself.