While traveling, have you ever, more often than not, run into some or the other trouble with your car or bus rental service. Have you ever thought “I should never rent vehicles, ever”? Well. We’ve all been there…

People who face this problem often, may end up feeling like they are simply jinxed when it comes to car or bus rental. But the fact is that you can easily dodge all rental car related problems and avoid feeling like hiring a car is not your cup of tea. Of course, to avoid problems during rental car travel, you have to be wary of certain things BEFORE you rent the vehicle, such as your insurance coverage, the conditions of the car before you rent it, etc. Basically, remember Murphy’s Law, “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong” and keep an eye on everything that comes under everything….

You can always make your “checklist for hiring car” when you are making your various other travel checklists. But those of you who are at the rental agency right now and are probably thinking, “Is there something I should keep in mind before I rent this car”, then we encourage you to check out the following pre-made list. This is a basic list, which contains things that you should absolutely not miss, so it’s pretty customizable too…

1.Insurance check: Since you’re driving a car that you are not used to drive, bear in mind that accidents are a real possibility (god forbid). Therefore, the very first thing we recommend is check with your insurance agency if it covers such accidents.

2.Note down the customer service representative: While at the rental car agency, ask the name and number of the person who you are supposed to call if the vehicle breaks down. Once you get the number, call him/her once to check if the number is active or not.

3.Check the vehicle conditions: Make sure that the vehicle being allotted to is alright in the first place.

  • Ask when the vehicle had last received maintenance.
  • Check everypossible nook and cranny in the vehicle for damages and. If there is any damage, snap pictures of them in your phone, bring them to the attention of the agency, clearly specify them in the paperwork and keep a copy of it with yourself.
  • If any major damage, insist on another vehicle.
  • Make sure you have a spare tire, a jack and a lug wrench in the trunk, in case you run into a flat tire situation midway.
  • Before driving, familiarize yourself with the rental car. Adjust the seat and mirrors (rear-view and side mirrors), turn on the hazard lights, check the window controls, try the windshield wipers, the turn signals, the headlights, etc.

4.Always carry a map or ensure you have GPS to avoid losing your way in unfamiliar places.

Here’s what was promised; a simple, basic but unmissable list of things to remember before hiring a car or bus. Follow this list to end your string of apparent bad luck, once and for all.