The word minibus reminds us of long family trips with all cousins and friends, going freely on highways, and making memories. Mini bus rentals in Dubai have various variants, ranging from small shuttles to huge 35 seater buses. If you are planning to rent one, you must be worried about the rental cost. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. To find out the cost of a minibus rental, the first thing you need to know is what distance you are going, what services you will require, and how many people are going together. All of this matters when you have to choose the correct minibus.

Here is a quick guide about the same – 

(1) The Basics

The basics depend on the distance you are planning to travel. The buses may be priced per hour, per kilometer, or day. Your distance from the location might also affect the price of the rental. 

You can expect the following prices, approximately – 

  • 450 to 560 AED per hour
  • 4400 to 5500 AED per day
  • 20 to 40 AED per kilometer

Rest, the pricing depends on the distance, time, number of people in the journey. 

(2) Small Shuttles 

There are various small shuttles available for short trips, such as a 6 hour trip from a tiny town to the other. A shuttle can carry up to 20 people with comfort, excluding the driver. The charges (approximately) are – 

  • Base price – 3300 AED
  • Total overhead charges – 400 AED
  • Total price – Approx. 3700 AED

(3) Multi-Day Trips 

Multi-day trips may be taken by a group of 2 to 3 families to go sightseeing or travel across cities for a couple of days. You can book minibusses with capacities of 18 people, as the distance increases so you might want to decrease the total number of people with you. These can also be booked by a group of friends who want to hang out after their exams or on small office trips.

These are the approximate charges – 

  • Base booking price – 14500 AED
  • Overhead charges – 2200 AED
  • Total cost – 16700 AED (Approx.)

(4) Field Trips 

At times, schools or colleges may decide to go for a bit of field trip. These trips usually last for 6 to 7 hours, and there are various places they cover, so the number of people usually calculates the prices. There may be more than 20 people, so a larger minibus might be booked, which will cover all the locations for the field trip. 

The pricing might be as follows – 

  • The base cost of the minibus – 4400 AED
  • Charge per person – 150 AED
  • Total cost (for 20 people) – 7400 AED

One thing to be kept in mind is that all of these are approximate prices and may differ from provider to provider. Various mini bus rentals in Dubai provide services at various prices, so checking them out would be an excellent choice. 

There is a lot that can be added to your minibusses, such as the time of the year, or the starting point, geographical location, fuel prices, etc. Also, if any damage takes place in the bus by the client, a price can be added for that. Sometimes providers may also discount depending on how advanced you book the minibus in, but they might also include cancellation charges, just in case. So, it is best to confirm everything by going to your nearest bus rental service in Dubai.